EVO-Sim - Provided by OnQ Safety | EVOC Training

The DST EVO-Sim provides student-paced, expert guided, basic to advanced driver training for EVO training. EVO-Sim exceeds traditional simulator performance by incorporating self-guided, introductory Computer Based Training (CBT), richly textured computer graphics, interactive student practice sessions, simulated training scenarios, immediate feedback, guided best practices, audio coaching, adaptive learning assessment, learning management system (LMS) in a reconfigurable driver training EVO simulator.


EVO-Sim can be used to train on additional types of vehicles (various class cruisers, ambulance, fire, vans, utility vehicles). This expanded capability is an added value feature to ensure a higher return on investment and minimized obsolescence. The EVO-Sim is factory-upgradable from its basic 1-channel trainer configuration to a 3 or 5-channel driving decision training platform. We can also reconfigure and upgrade existing simulators



  • Entirely Autonomous - Minimizes operators or on-site trainers. Training Management System schedules driver, training available 24/7 at any location.
  • Training is optimized - to the skill level of the individual driver, thus reducing training time and increasing learning.
  • Training Management System - Records all driver training data and allows the training/safety personnel to generate reports and schedule training.
  • Vehicle/Task Specific Training -Training is provided for the specific tasks and vehicles; correlated web and CBT lessons refresh and focus.


driving simulator for EVOC

The DST approach

  • Provide affordable & effective professional driver training
  • Incorporate the latest successful training technologies (Web, CBT, Simulator, Behind-the-wheel)(LMS)
  • Make training reliable, consistent, minimize SAS
  • Provide both beginner, in-service and remediation training
  • Focuses on refreshing perishable skills to re-familiarize hazard awareness issues and review critical decision making processes