AST's online driver training programs combine instructional systems design with subject matter expertise for affordable, effective, and convenient training solutions that change and improve driver behavior.
EVOC-101 Web
EVOC-101 Web gives agencies the tools to prepare police and emergency vehicle drivers for a simulator, test track, or the road and has been shown to improve driver performance scores and reduce accidents.
EVOC-101 Web
Street Smarts-101 supplements high school and private driver's education curriculum with a cost effective replacement for dated driving simulators and is approved to replace one hour of road time in the state of Utah.
EVOC-101 Web
FleetDriver-101 provides impactful training with "online simulation" for fleet drivers, regardless of vehicle type.
In addition to these off-the-shelf programs, a Custom Online Driving Solution can be designed and built to meet your specific driver training needs. Contact us for more information.

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