Hazmat Helper
Hazmat Helper
Hazmat HELPER™ is an expert system that provides drivers and carrier personnel with quick and easy access to Federal Department of Transportation 49CFR and ERG hazmat safety regulations and handling procedures. Users simply select the ID numbers or the shipping names of the load materials to have load-specific safety procedure checklists, proper placards and markings, loading restrictions, shipping papers verification, emergency response information, and more.
Why drivers like Hazmat Helper


  • Quick, understandable access to Federal regulations
  • Instant reference for correct placards and markings)
  • Provides company-specific Hazmat procedure checklist
  • Shipping papers verification
  • Immediate warning of material incompatibilities
  • Relevant parking and driving rule reminders
  • Emergency information specific to load and automated notification of emergency contact

Working in conjunction with:


Why transportation companies love it:


  • Tracks, records, speeds up processing
  • Confirms when driver has checked and verified paperwork
  • Identifies company "DO NOT HAUL" lists
  • Guides drivers unfamiliar with Hazmat handling protocols
  • Lowers risk of penalties, fines and out-of-service time
  • Easy to use

Contact Information

4394 South Century Drive
Murray, UT 84123
Phone: 801-506-1340
Fax: 801-506-1345