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Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. On demand, online teen driving safety training helps keep teen drivers safe. Designed by industry experts to engage teen drivers, Street Smarts helps change and pattern safe behaviors and decision-making. Insurance companies value our training for reducing accidents and losses and provide discounts for safe driving results.

Teen driving safety is designed for :


The teen course, Crash Reduction 101, has become a valuable tool for Utah schools with state approval to replace one hour of road time or two hours of range time.

Crash Reduction for Teens

Crash ReductionCrash Reduction 101 is an award winning five lesson web-based course that supplements driver's education curriculum. Written just for teenage drivers, Crash Reduction 101 uses interactive exercises and language teens can appreciate. Comprehensive and tested strategies bring to light the essentials of good driving behavior.




  • Search and Scan - Teaches where to look, when to look, what to look for, and what to do when a hot spot is identified and requires more attention.
  • Hazard Recognition - Identifies hazard clues and masks that help anticipate risky situations and provides practice identifying multiple hazards in quick succession.
  • Sight, Speed and Space Management - Familiarizes teens with situations that require adjustment of sight, speed, and space, and provides practice for adjusting speed and space to help maintain vehicle control and avoid a crash.
  • Judging Safe Distance - Teaches about "Go Zones", or the distance needed between the teens vehicle and oncoming vehicles, and how big a Go Zone must be depending on the speed of oncoming traffic and the maneuver being performed.
  • Attention and Distraction - Teaches the negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds and provides practice strategies for eliminating controllable distractions and making necessary adjustments for uncontrollable distractions.


Driving Coach 101

Driving CoachDriving Coach 101 is available for the parents of student drivers. Because studies show that parent involvement plays a significant part in the success of their teenager's drivers education, this course has been designed to teach parents how to understand and guide their child who is learning to drive. This course will give parents the tools needed to help their child succeed at becoming a safe driver. [Watch Demo]



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Davis School District Uses StreetSmarts-101 to Train Safer Drivers


"Street Smarts 101 provides for our students a valuable learning experience about the decision making skills needed by every drivers to be not only an effective driver, but most importantly a safe driver." - John Robison, Driver's Education Supervisor, Davis School District.

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