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EVOC-101 Web provides online driver training for police, fire, ambulance and other emergency vehicle drivers in a convenient setting, available 24/7. It was designed by instructional designers to show the techniques, concepts, rules, and procedural knowledge necessary for emergency vehicle operators to drive safely and effectively. EVOC-101 Web prepares drivers for a simulator, test track, or the road and prevents crashes in the field.


EVOC-101 Web is available in several versions. Click on the link to view a short demo of the version that best suits your needs.

Police Demo

Ambulance Demo

No Oncoming Lanes Demo


Other versions include Emergency Vehicle, Metric and French-Canadian. In addition, the program can be modified to meet your specific training requirements or a logo or color scheme can be added for a custom look.
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View the EVOC-101 Web Demo, download the Utah Post Case Study or contact us.

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Emergency Vehicle Drivers Approve
of EVOC-101 Web
The RCMP Signs Five Year Contract
AST Expands EVOC-101 Web Product Offering


"We implemented EVOC-101 Web after experiencing an intersection related crash. I believe that crash would have been prevented if EVOC-101 Web had been implemented sooner. EVOC-101 Web provides critical and relevant training that has had a positive impact on our officers. " - Sgt. Donald Nunnery, Winter Haven PD, FL.

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