Driving Simulator Software and Support

AST offers software, training, and support packages that can improve the way you use your Patrol Simulator or Transmission Sim driving simulator.


Software Training Packages

In order to meet the needs and requirements of the driver training community, AST has listened, observed, and developed a suite of self-contained, simulator-run training packages that include performance scoring software and lesson plans that consist of a set of increasingly complex scenarios. Contact us for more information on which package will best meet your needs.

EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Package

EVOC-101 is an Emergency Vehicle Operations driver training program that requires students to prioritize their vehicle handling and emergency task activities while actually experiencing critical segments of emergency response and pursuit operations. Available lesson plans include Straight Through Intersections and Turning at Intersections.


Read this case study to learn how UT POST improved driver trainee performance with EVOC-101.

Ecos-101ECOS-101 Fuel Economy Package

ECOS-101 is a Fuel Conservation Program that displays fuel consumption and driver behavior graph as the simulator is driven. It uses repetitive practice to develop the muscle-memory-based skills that drivers need to master fuel conservation techniques.

topsTOPS-101 Commercial Vehicle Package

TOPS-101 is a Commercial Vehicle Driver Training Program that provides exercises in the four critical topic areas of space management, head-on-collision avoidance, backing, and delivery.


Simulator Support

AST staff has the ability and know-how to address many concerns with any out-of-warranty driving simulator. Many problems can be handled with phone support. Contact us for informationon on repairs, modernization, customized models, scenarios, road databases, and technical support options.


Visual Database and Scenario Packages


AST offers off-the-shelf visual databases that are ready to be installed on most driving simulators, including FAAC, Duron, Patrol simulator, Truck Transmission simulator. Current databases include forest road and winter road. In addition, AST has several scenario packages available. Contact us for more info.


In addition to off-the-shelf software options, AST can develop custom packages to meet your specific driver training needs.

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